Monday, September 22

Retreating from the blogsphere

Has the trend of blogging evolves to trend of tweeting/Instantgram'ing? I feel like I do not know anybody who still blogs.

Twitter and IG definitely require much less commitment in editing and proofing the post. After all it is just a picture and an array of filters to select from or a maximum count of 120 characters.  This pales in comparison to a blog post which can vary by large-- a paragraph (like this one) has already exceeded the commitment/investment I put in on IG or Twitter.

What I am trying to say is that I am now debating with myself whether to keep on breathing life into this blog.
My secondary goal is to share information about Deaf interpreting to any Deaf person who may be piqued but do not know where to start.

Yet my primary goal is to continue a public diary-esque blog but I find this difficult when people do know who GnarlyDorkette is. I have lost my mask. I have lost that freedom of writing whatever comes to my mind. Now I have to be mindful of what I type-- using filters to save face in case somebody I know stumbles across this blog.

I originally began this blog to find my niche/crowd because I didn't feel that I fit in any specific crowd-- I wanted a platform for my thoughts and feelings and use that venture to connect with a "same-ness" community... a way to gain insights to know myself better.

I think I have found myself. I am glad I did. More secure with myself... more assertive and comfortable in what I want out of this little thing called "life".
I am still meeting people-- which is good news for my type. While living in DC, I definitely had made some lifetime friends that I will always cherish but at same time lament that they do not live in the same city as I.

I have accepted that I wouldn't have my best friend(s) readily within 30 miles of me. I do have plenty of friends nearby that I can reach out whenever I feel like getting out of my introverted bubble. That, I am grateful for. I am glad that I can VP/glide/facetime with my best friends whenever I need my fix. Can't complain.

Should I go with the flow and allow the evolution of purpose with this blog to be a Deaf-interpreting centered blog or let this go-- and find a new mask to continue my freedom of writing out my thoughts/feelings as a Deaf woman.

I hope I can give you all an answer soon. I guess as a saying goes-- Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 18

CDI workshop in Riverside, California in JANUARY

Riverside, California
January 6-8, 2012

Are you Deaf? Are you interested in becoming a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI)?

To obtain RID certification as a CDI, you must pass a written test and a performance test. To qualify to take the written test, you must have 8 hours of Ethics training on the RID Code of Professional Conduct and 8 hours of training on the Role & Function of a Deaf interpreter.

Jimmy Beldon, CDI, a nationally renowned CDI trainer and interpreter educator will present the RID required training and end the workshop with practicing for the written test. 

Workshop Requirements:
You must purchase So You Want to Be an Interpreter: An Introduction to Sign Language Interpreting by Janice Humphrey and Bob Alcorn. Please read this book prior to the workshop.

Proof of Attendance:
You will receive a certificate of completion:
8 hours of training on the RID Code of Professional Conduct
8 hours of training on the role and function of a deaf interpreter

When:    January 6-8, 2012
Jan. 6th, Friday, 6 p.m.-9 p.m.  (3 hours)
Jan. 7th, Saturday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.  (9 hours)
Jan. 8th, Sunday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.   (8 hours)

9980 Indiana Ave, Suite 6
Riverside, CA 92503

Cost: $150 per person
To register, please contact: Jimmy Beldon at
The deadline to register is December 16, 2011

Sponsored by:   PYRAM.COM  &  ASLFIRST


Make checks payable to ASLFIRST.
(Fee must accompany your registration form or your registration will not be accepted.)


Name: ______________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

City: ___________________________________ State: ______ Zip Code: ________

Video Phone #: ______________________ 


RID CDI Written/ASL Exam:
Do you plan to take the RID CDI written test soon? ___ YES ___ NO
If yes, have you submitted paperwork to RID and paid for the test? ___ YES ___NO

Don't delay in signing up!


9980 Indiana Ave, Suite 6
Riverside, CA 92503

Workshop Registration Deadline is December 16th

Please mail registration form & check to: Jimmy Beldon
1296 Woodhill Drive, 
Roseville, MN 55113

Tuesday, May 17

Just a FYI...

I do take interpreting serious. I am a Certified Deaf Interpreter. I have a master's degree in interpretation. I consider Deaf interpreting as my career. I hope to become a staff interpreter. I hope to teach interpreting courses to a room full of Deaf students. I will be working in this field for next twenty, thirty, or however many years it take before somebody drags me out.  I want to be the next Lillian Beard.

So with that note, please don't shrug your shoulder and say "it pays good, doesn't it?" when I ask you why are you interested in becoming a CDI.

Tuesday, April 19

Floating Along

From the "Undercurrent" album

I wish I am the woman in this picture. Floating, with no care in the world, in middle of a body of water, hopefully warm, and lost in my own thoughts... positive thoughts... with dreams and whatnot....

But alas, I do not have positive thoughts but rather worries in its place.

"You are now a grown-up" uttered by a friend. I had vented my frustration with bills, mortgage, taxes and more that I have to pay and I barely have a stable job (the woes of living as a contractor) so I am winging it every four months. I pondered aloud how anybody can do it and stay above the poverty line and have a decent lifestyle?

Mind you, I do not aim to have a life of luxuries-- I am not materialistic at all (I am more into sentimental values) and I am totally fine with shopping at Goodwill and thrifty stores.
I define a "decent lifestyle" by its affordability to pay insurance, healthcare, a nice used car, mortgage timely, and being able to raise children with a solid roof over our heads.  And with some money leftover to buy nice clothes from non-thrifty stores occasionally.
That is a decent lifestyle to me.

How could I achieve that "decent" lifestyle if I have the government harassing me (I loathe SSI), the utilities bills fluctuating at the corporation's whim, and essential house projects (such as updating a 60-year-old plumbing system) to pay off?
Right now I am pinching my pennies while holding my dignity as a vegetarian who prefers to support local businesses and farmer's markets while resisting the sirens of Wal-Mart and other cheap big-box stores.

I am grateful that I am not alone in this appeared-to-be sinking boat-- I do have my partner who does help out with the expenses. We bought the house together. We prepared for the projects costs. We know what was coming-- half of it, anyway.

Of course, the other half are the surprises-- the lovable car I brought all way from California is beginning to show its age and it is not worthwhile to maintain when its value is at zero according to Kelly's Blue Book.  What happens when it has a heart attack in middle of my trip to a job? I can bike... but not to a faraway places that will take 3 hours to cycle (but one hour by metro!).
Dental insurance-- whoops, I lost a tooth-- didn't realize our teeth will fall apart at age of 25. Thought those dental comedies only happen to the folks who went over the hill.  Dammit, now what to do?

I do not do well with "what-ifs" and worst scenarios. I am thrifty and I like to spend wisely. I am a healthy female with nice set of teeth (alas that one cracked tooth that you can't see if I smile!) and I do not plan to pop out babies anytime soon, I have a nice master's degree and a nice small house-- now why are you all screwing me over?
I am not even rich so stop grubbing away my money!

(Note: I was below poverty line in year 2009 while in graduate school.)

If it is not the corporation, it is the government that is grubbing my money too. Taxes, oh how you make my life a hell.
And yet, I won't see a penny back from those Medicaid and Social Security taxes-- I am confident that by the time I hit retirement, there is no government programs to support me and I am all on my own (anarchy, anybody?). So they should let us paying less taxes because they know that we are pretty much screwed and should take pity on us the young generation.  Time to open up a ROTH account and mark the days until the government shuts down....

And of course, I can't leave out that infamous SSI overpayment-- every Deaf person got bit by SSI's overpayment bug. It happens when you report the government that you, a disabled person, have a job (a miracle, defying all odds!). Repeatedly. And they still mail you the disability pity check. You give up and proceed to work like a real adult. Years later, you got slapped with a big "YOU OWE US, BITCH" bill from the government berating you for not telling them about your new (which is by now old) job. You go "WTF?" and eventually concede to pay off your overpayment-- with a scowl on your face as you write your monthly checks, of course.

So with all of costs piling up, you begin wondering how much does it cost for an American young Deaf person to live in America living the American Dream????

Tuesday, January 25

Deaf Interpreting Professional Development

A commenter, Conniejy, asked for information of upcoming CDI workshops.
Well, ye asketh, and we provideth.

A flurry of workshops for Deaf Interpreters are posted here:

(I found out about them either at or join Yahoo!Group for "RID Deaf Caucus" or "Deaf Interpreters" so you can join/follow them to keep yourself informed)

Certified Deaf Interpreter Workshop
Grand Rapids, Michigan from March 18 to 20, 2011; presented by Jimmy Beldon (CDI).
Click on the link to get more information at Deaf Interpreter Institute's website:

9th Annual Mental Health Training Conference
August 22-26, 2011 in Montgomery, Alabama. Presenters: varied. for full information and updates for concise information

Road to Deaf Interpreting
A series that spreads across 10 weekends in Boston, Massachusetts. Presenters: varied.
For more information (when, where, topic etc) and names of presenters, go to the link:
Application Deadline: February 7th, 2011

Understanding the Role, Responsbilities, Ethics for Deaf Interpreters
March 19 and 20, 2011 in Marina, California. Presented by: Daniel Longholtz (CDI, CLIP-R, RSC)
More information re: hotel and times and you can download their flyer at:
Note: their early bird rates has passed so register a.s.a.p. by February 15th before they upper the registration rates for late-minute!

If you do know of a workshop that are oriented for Deaf Interpreters, please add the information in your comment!