Saturday, April 13

Dont you hate it when your email address and screenname is discovered by a complete stranger from your own friends? Don't it bother you that every time you IM a complete stranger that they will be slightly concerned about your discovery of their screennames? [sighing] as you can guess- somebody had been adding me to their list and emailed me.... people that i got NO clue who. Yet when i asked them who are they, they said their names and they don't know who I am. ...... IF YOU DONT KNOW WHO I AM, THEN DONT ADD ME TO YOUR LIST! GOD! That doesn't requires a lot of brains, you know??? [rolling her eyes]

OKay... now since i got that pet peeve off my shoulder we may move on. ^__^;

I woke up 3 o'clock today in the afternoon. I must be realllllly super tired from last night. Went out with Steven last night and as always- he made me staying up late. Yesterday i was having a halfday from school [meant the school finish at 11:30am] so I went to the mall with Crystar and Mandie for like 3 hours. I brought my expensive pants [even though it was on sale] for 21 (plus some of cents) bucks. I felt guilty that I spend too much of money on one piece of pant.. As you can see, I can't be a preppie/snob/popular because i *hate* to waste my money on clothes. They are just materials.. no point to go overboard with spending money on something that you probably would outgrow.

[YAWNING!] mom is dragging me to a baseball game with my brother and his family. ugh.. but i dont know what time really. Haha. OKay my computer's time sucks. It is fucking slow... IMAGINE! A COMPUTER IS SLOW WITH ITS TIME!

I am out of stuff to say really. Out of stuff to bitch, more like it. haha. So i will see you all the next time. Adieu!!!!

[[rocketing into the starry space]]

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