Saturday, April 6

it's Saturday. and I got nothing to do but sleep and bitch about my cramps. blah. Periods suck, period! ^__~

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I went out with Steven last night to Mission Valley Mall. We took our pictures [the pictures were good but i hate my hair ><;;] then we watched "Blade 2". We did not watch that much of the movie since we kept talking instead of watching. And yes, we did made out but not for the majority of the movie. [rolling my eyes @ those who think us as those making out couples] But from the sections I watched of the movies, they were pretty good with the special effects and actions etc. We then met up with JC and Annie and went to Dennys at midnight.

it was nice to see them again. Altho, i noticed that JC was not that happy with Annie. =\

I am going to make a layout for this blog... wheee. An underwater layout... [nod nod] It might will be up and running in like 2 days.

Meanwhile- Have a nice weekend! ADIEUUUUU!

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