Sunday, April 14

took some more of tests. I really like many other blogs... making me want to add them to my blog list but... naw. ^^ i want yall to ask me.. hehe. make me feeling important and such. :p

Which Rainbow Brite kid are you? By Growing.

I honestly didn't know there was a dude character in Rainbow Brite! Learned something new today. :D

I am a pantyliner. I may not be everyone's best friend but I work well with others and always back them up. I also may have a slight inclination to sad, whiney, sweater-wearing boys with greasy black hair.

Take the What Feminine Protection Product Would You Be? Quiz

interesting... at first i was a Junior Tampon so i re-took with honest and now i am pantyliner. Okay.. i better stop lying on the tests. haha ^_^;

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