Saturday, May 4

[rolling out off bed] *blink blink* um, hey?

I hate it when the site, where I took tests, got a broken image. At least I did save most of the test images to my files so I guess i better go and upload those to keep my test images up and running.

Sooooo... what is new with me? Still with Steven, got three A's and C's on my report card, 31 days left of school, got a job for summer- babysitting my niece Kylea..hmph. I think pretty much that is it. Summer sun is here in Sunny Diego so I better roll up my pants and get those damned white legs some color!

i know I don't talk that much but I just dont have anything in my mind but to go out in my yard and sleeping under warm and posionous sunlight....

I'm a punk/hardcore fangirl
I like screaming, I like kicking it up in the mosh pit, and damn do I like spikey hair.

What kind of fangirl are you?

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