Saturday, May 25

ugh. this had been a hell for me lately.

Steven and I fought, [naturally] but we got closer now and better now. I got pissed off at mom for screwing up my society life. Something happened and I am being punished to stay home on monday for mom's bbq and being the stupid hostess to the kid she invited over. at least mom said Steven can come and suffer with me. BWA MA HA! School.. dont go there, man. I had been stared at the walls and see my grade plunging for some reason. What is wrong with me? I think school got bored for me to do ANYTHING to turn in something for grades. I am not that encouraged to finish things. I mean, why should I turn in if it doesn't help my grade? [sighing] oh well but I still have to kiss up.. I think I wont get an A in history nor english class. I WILL get an A in art, study hall and graphic communications because they are all about sitting around and doing nothing but doodle. So I will be balanced just fine, thanks to those classes.

I am involved this "yearbook" for the deaf community at the school as an editor. I dont know why I got the editor position but it had been little stressed now since the deadline is this friday. U-G-H. I have to type up at least two pages and spank other kids to do their jobs for at least 5 pages worth of pictures and design. and I started to hate the kids now. They are bugging me now. So glad only one year left for me before I snap and kill all of them. They will be underclassmen to me while I am branded as a senior.

cannot believe that I will be a senior. last year of free public education.... one more year until i get out of this lunatic house. Or mom moves out.. because she was talking about giving me the house so she can move to an apartment in upper [as in snobby] La Jolla. I dont know when but she was looking for aparments so maybe it is sooner than I thought.

My ass and legs are sore. I walked too much last two days. in two inch tall causal heels and sandal. My feet are porbbaly on strike against walking.

I am going to watch Star Wars: Attack of Clones tomorrow with Steven. Then after that we are going to shop around for a gift to our daddies. So hope it wil be nice. Then on monday, the punishing day with mom and friends for Memorial Day BBQ. Uggh borred. at least Steven is coming with PS2 to play with. >:]

so i will blog later okay? For now- TEST TIME!!

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