Saturday, June 8


My computer had crashed for at least a week and mom finally gave up and got a new computer. It is a new Dell 8200something with windows XP [after few alternations, I made it look like a regular windows]. It is okay so far.. it got 74 GB- a BIG space compared to my old computer which only has 2.7GB. It is black so Steven called it "goth computer" [laughing]

So now I promise to BLOG everytime! [every time something exciting happened, i promise] I haven't seen any new tests to take so I will sidetrack my test frenze to make the test images working again by uploading them to the domain I am hosting under. As soon I get my files from old crashy computer to the goth computer.

Diamondback is sound asleep on the desk. He started to love me again.. YAY! I was getting worried that he doesn't love me when he starts to sleep with mom. But now he sleeps in my bedroom, on the floor. [my bed is too small for two of us] He tends to sleep on my art works or clothes.. interesting.

ooo, he is dreaming! [his feet twitching] Yeppp probably dreaming about female felines... [wink wink] I wonder what cats actually dream about. All of animals really. Because they always twitch or have spasm [I think i spelled this one wrong] while sleeping so that must mean they are dreaming.. right?

6 days left!

only one week left for me really. I am not going to school on 17th which is on MONDAY. Who, in their sane mind, would go to school for ONE more day after a weekend? NO BODY! Three full day then two half days [thursday and friday] then NO MORE SCHOOL! I still have to go on Monday- AFTER SCHOOL for Steven's graduation. No finals on half day although.. Oh yeah- English on Thursday. Oh well but that is no biggie. I will have math final, english final, studyhall final [long story really], .... i think that is all. Since AP history's final is the AP test itself, Art nobody can give out a test on artworks, and graphic communications- the teacher never teaches us shit so no way he is giving us a test- unless it is a test based on nothingness and his stupid jokes. So only three finals.. NO STRESS. alll of them will be breezy.

Trimmed my hair some more. [i think this is my um, 5th haircut] my ..."bangs" are getting longer now. You can see its size even when I pulled it back into a ponytail because they are the only strands of hair that are longer than others, you know? This summer, after the stupid school is taking my senior picture [or wherever they want me to take picture] I am totally dying my hair radical red. I dont give shit what Mom objects against. I have this damn red dye sitting in my bathroom cabient too long. I hope it doesn't go bad. It doesn't look bad since it is in one of those gel bottles type so no air will get in and send the whole dye color molecules into an entropy.

Okay I think I better sign off, it is midnight and I am supposed to get up at 9:30 when Steven is coming over.

and the nifty part about XP- i can watch DVDs on computer!!! WHOOoooo!

shotguns rules my graphic communication told us the rules and it is the only funny/cheesy of his total jokes in a year.

signing off, DORKETTE

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