Thursday, June 13

School's Out! (and Test!)

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well. Two MORE DAYS UNTIL SCHOOL IS OUT! Well, two half days equal one FULL schoolday so basically I should have say ONE MORE DAY of school!!!! I got two finals coming up. Math and this stupid-ass final in "communication skills" which is the easiest class so the final should be breezy. Math, i got the final on MONDAY. on the fucking last day in my last class. UGGH! I don't even have ANY notes nor book. I returned the textbook and threw out my notes. So SHIT! Ah, we will see on monday with my memory skills.

My predication for my eleventh grade report card-
-Advanced American Literature: C- or just plain solid C
-AP United History: solid C or LOOOOW B- but I am lending towards C
-Graphic Communication: SOLID A+++++++
-Communication Skills: A+
-Independent Studio Art: A
-Intermidate Alegbra: C+ or solid B

so the whole GPA should bring me to into the neigborhood of 3.0 ... not bad. [shrug!]
shit. I have to end this entry.. something happened... i can't tell you...sorry guys, bye.

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