Saturday, July 27

Gee, where does all money go?

Mom left me 300 bucks for three weeks which purpose was for food and living needs. And I got roughly 33 bucks left now.. >__< I went to grocery store only twice in whole 3 weeks... [well it is ALMOST three weeks since Mom is getting back this Monday]. From my reciepts, I spent about 121.34$.... but I didn't get to keep recipets from resturants and paying friends soooo about 178 bucks somehow went into to the food business and friends. I knew for fact that I did gave Crystal 10.00$ and couple bucks once in a while [maybe totalled up to 15bucks] and Heather- whew. I paid her way too much. maybe 30 bucks. Who knew? and then I knew I did paid Albert 7.50$ ....damn I wasted all of those money to the frigging gas! >__< Only if mom allowed me to drive then I will save up SO much money! ARUGH!
about 80bucks wasted on friends and restrutrants. It could be even 100 bucks wasted.
I am starting to apply for part-time jobs. I am thinking about working at pet stores... surrounding by cute critters! [turning into a kawaii chibi] KITTY, PUPPY, HAMSTERS, GECKOS, FISH! YAAAAAAAAAY!

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