Wednesday, July 10

A Glimpse of my Summer

FREE! I AM FREE! Mom just flew out to Finland on Monday. It felt so good to have no mom in the house. And no, i am not having parties at my house! It just felt good to not have to fight with mom. No scolding or nagging by her. I am free to do whatever I want. I ended up cleaning the house. ><;;;;; You cannot believe my mother, she kept a can that expires in march 1999! I threw out a lot of cans of soup, fruits, whatever they are and OLD SALADS! One salad was leaking in the bag... how can lettuce leak???? [shuddering] So, tomorrow [well, today since it is one oclock in the morning] i will sweep the kitchen floor and water the plants in our front yard. then Eeva and I will try to stick it up and clean out the bottom cabinets. It is the secret revendzous for the cockroaches... ><; ewww!

Eeva is a finnish friend since i was 9 years old. We are pen pals and we only met up 3 times [now is the 4th time] in our 7 years of friendship. She rode into San Diego from Colorado Springs on a greyhound bus on July 2nd. She grew her hair to shoulder since last time i saw her in late summer when I was in Finland visiting my family. 18yrs old now so she is radically ready to club and bs but I can't since i am underage and i got no fake id [anybody knows where i can get one?? lol]

So tomorrow, I am FINALLY having a break from Eeva after a week and half. I am going out on a date with Steven for our 4 months anniversay so Eeva is going with Crystal and others to the mall and bullshit. That is good.. because Eeva is starting to resemble as a siamese twin to me. ><;; even though we got a different hair color, people think we are relating to eachother. Last time she was here, people thought we were sisters. but now people think we are cousins.. an improvement, i guess, haha. I think because we started to have a different apperance facially than last time when we got the baby fat on our faces. She got rid of that, and I don't. I know people will kill me if they saw me saying that I am still fat in face. I am not fat in face. i guess. [laughing] i think we look different because of our body figures. She got a funny looking ribcages and tad of skin flabs on the back while I am fat but "curvy" you know? [shrug]

TEST TIME!!!!!!!!

i'm banana flavoured!

i'm Lock, Shock, and Barrel!
it had been a while since i watched that movie.. i should rent it and watch it soon. ^_^

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