Wednesday, August 14


Hmph, got most of my favorite movies. The Red Violin, Memento, Run Lola Run, Amelie. Nifty! So i thought- why not giving this site a free ad on my blog. If you are like me- a dork who loves foregin or original movies, head over to that site.
I am trying to find a good screenshot of Audrey Tautou, from Amelie, with her nifty hairdo. I want that kind of hair- flipped out and short. I dont want the bangs, although- because bangs look horrible on me. I got childhood pictures to prove. So far, most of her photo are of her eyes or her face. The only good shots of her are the ones that she got her hair UP. Arugh! Hmph. Maybe i should just give the hairstylist the movie and tell her- "watch and study that girl's hairdo! then you can chop my hair off."
School starts on September 3rd.. on a Tuesday. Kind of werid to have school on Tuesday but I think they skip Monday on purpose because Monday usually to be all classes day and adfter that are "block" days but i think they will have the first week all classes then next week they will resume their typical time schelude of monday all classes then tues, wed, thurs, friday as block days with 4 classes and etc. I know I am rambling and not making any sense but you just have to attend my school to understand the timetable!
Aha! Found the picture. Joy, Joy! I hope the hairdo would look good on me.. I did made a suggestion to my friends about that hairdo on me and all of their comments were somewhere like, "OH yeah! IT would Look GREAT and it is perfect for you! WITHOUT the bangs, right?" [sweatdrop] see, people do think bangs look horrible on me. hehehe
the gnarly dorkette signing off!

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