Saturday, August 3

San Diego Comic Con

Eeva is out on a 'proper' date with Albert (we have been teasing her about being on a date with Albert and she said it is not a proper date if albert didn't pick her up and drops her off home. NOW today, Albert is picking Eeva up and later will drop her off so it is offically a 'proper' date!] They are at San Diego Comic Con (warning, the website is moody), the world famous and the biggest convention!
I went there yesterday with Steven and my niece, plus three pals- Mike, Nat, and Eeva. It was HUGE and i got a lot of FREEBIES!!!!! Kylea got a doll from Mike [because she was "too cute", I quote Mike.] It was nifty and I saw a lot of familiar cartoons. Got autographs by Simpsons' writers. Saw's booth. The Actor in LOTR who played "Merry".... and that rich dude whose mother slept with a friend of his- Stilfer somethign? Saw him. So it was nifty to see everything- well i didn't see everything because i was TOO tired. I probably will go again on Sunday for the last day.
Yesterday, appx. 3 times people assumed Kylea is my child. And she got a badge saying that she is my child. Mike kept taking Steven and my's picture with Kylea to make it looking as if we are a couple with a kid. ><;;;;
but nevertheless, it was fun.

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