Tuesday, August 13

Summer near its death

I took my first LONG nap in quite a while. Felt so good. Even kylea took her nap. We swam, walked to park, walked to store, ate popsicle, and then sweated all day long. I am still sleepy anyway.
My fall classes are: Work Incentative [T.A.], Ap English, Government, Ap Psych, Ap Studio Art, Drama. not in order or whatsoever... I know for fact I will have Ms. Terry, Ms. Ruiz, Ms. Steele.... interesting, i only know the missus, not the misters. I got a presentation in first week for Ap English, already, yeah I know.
I am getting off. I am hungry for another pizza and another nap and Dr Pepper! I had only one drink of Dr Pepper one time a day for 3 days so far. I am going to die.

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