Thursday, August 22

Whine (would you like some cheese with that?)

[yawning] shit. one week and couple days, school starts again. And I have two projects due on the first week of school. All suddenly, I felt overwhelmed. I am getting tired of Kylea and the babysitting gigs. Totally want to quit.. ><;;; should I give my mom two weeks of notice?? [rolling her eyes] Note to self: never work for relatives. They pay crappy and bitch if you dont want to work for them. Keep that in mind.

I totally need a car. Anybody knows any car in San Diego, email me. My target price is 2,000$ maximum. Automatic please. I dont care how old or ugly it is, as long it runs good and would not break down on me soon. PLEASE?? Help me out here. The area codes preferred is 619 and 858.


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