Wednesday, September 11

High School & SAT

I have SAT test on October 12th. And I think I am fucked. Because I forget all of my math skills. I dont think retaking SAT would help my mathematic skills. I better review my math notes- that if I didn't throw some out. Fuck. I am screwed- royal. I am good with the verbal, but MATH- fudgetabutit. My school bus TOTALLY sucks. I am putting a new goal- to have a personal transportation before my birthday. Not PUBLIC such as buses or carpool. PERSONAL as in my own car.

The classes at school for me are AP English, AP Psychology, AP Art, Economics, Work Incentative, and ...Infant Lab. yeah. [shrug] a balance of easy and medium/hard classes.

I dont know what to do after HS anymore. I just want to sleep and live with him and enjoy my days. I still dont mind to have a major in arts but for SOME reason I feel I would never get a job in arts. I will end up working as a social worker or a teacher for deafs or being a homeless bum. BEACH BUM.

Fudgetabutit, I am off to the bed. Adieu.

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