Friday, November 29


hmph. I need a self-esteem boost. Everything is gloomy for me. I am losing hope. I am not giving my best at school or anything. I don't care about people. I don't care about them. I don't care about myself. I am dying. I hate the holidays. I am happy that I am ditching school on Wednesday to see my mummo in L.A. Life is not entertaining me anymore. No more fun. It is all work and self-sacrifing for something that doesn't exist. A lost future. I am lost. I only find my relief in my cat and naps. No more crap. No more kissing people's arses. No more compromising. No more brown-nosing. It is all me now. I am focusing on myself. So if you have any problems or needs advice, don't look at me. I need all help to myself, dearie. So, sod off and kiss my arse.

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