Sunday, December 15

Boogers and Birthday (and tests)

A night when i don't give a flying fuck about homework or that i got school the next day, i do those fun quizzes!

See what drug you are.
I am an ESTACY!

See what Care Bear you are.
Sleepy bear! [winks]

I'm 89% freak!!
That is the overall score. need to be unique is 88%, need to NOT confrom: 96% and Willingness to express dissent: 75% so it results in 89%.

wheeeeeeee. [SNEEZING]! [smacking her lips] no thanks, for the kleenxe. Everybody always hand me a tissue too late. "ACHOO! oh, i am done, so i dont need the tissue." And i tend to sneeze more than once so people always give me strange looks, "what the fuck have you smelled?! Are you sick?" Sometimes my sneezes sound SO strange and sound like coughs instead. Yeah, trust me. I think it is because i sneeze out of my MOUTH, not my nose (which is the reason i dont need tissue because i never have booger hanging out after sneezing).... and now i bet you, the reader, are thinking, "Why the fuck are you telling me about your sneezing rituals? It is not important." and i will say back- "THIS IS MY BLOG AND I CAN SAY WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT!" so there. ^__~

oh btw- my birthday was last wednesday and I am 17 now. a big whoopee. [rme] i will make it a big deal if I am 18. only uh, 330-ish days away.. i can wait until i am legal to pierce and tattoo myself and go over to Tijuana to get drunk and get into a male strippers' club. [nodnod] it would be cool. ;) and legal to have nookies! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! and move in with that special somebody! [wink wink]


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