Sunday, January 5

Careers Pros and Cons

.... i SO want to work in advertising. I want to major in graphic design and a minor in illustration *for books or bullshit*. SO i could have two jobs: being a freelancer designing labels and greeting cards for the companies while having a steady job at an advertising firm by doodling ads! I could make those funny or cute pictures with catchy slogans. I can do that. I want to do that. So if you ever see "KMG" as a signaute, say "HEY! I HAVE READ HER BLOG!" And be proud of it! ^___^ I highly doubt i will be famous or bullshit but at least I will do something I so enjoy.
Colleges I am looking at: Moore Colleg of Art and Design in Philly, Art Institute of California in San Diego, and the cheap of all- San Diego State Universty.
Moore has this nifty list to tell you the possibilties jobs to have if having a degree in certain areas. Here is the graphic design and illustration:
What can I do with a BFA in GRAPHIC DESIGN?

Graphic Designer
Art Director
Creative Director
Package Designer
Freelance/Independent Designer
Web Designer
Web Coordinator
Multimedia Designer
Label Designer
Environmental Graphic Designer
Graphic Design Teacher
Work Places
Graphic Design Firm
Advertising Agency
Publishing Company
Retail Store

What can I do with a BFA in ILLUSTRATION?
Book Illustration
Editorial Illustration
Illustration for Children
Technical Illustration
Medical Illustration
Courtroom Illustration
Digital Illustration
Advertising Illustration
Greeting Card Design
Editorial Cartoonist
Sequential Art: Animation, Comic Book Art, Storyboard Art for Television/Commercials/Movies/Animation
Illustration Teacher

the bold words are the ones i am interesting in. Can't you just agree this is the best career for me?! Ofc, i wont pursue two degrees, but a major and minor would be nice. WISH ME LUCK! Oh god. I dont think I want anything else but this job. I know this job is unusual for somebody at my age (btw, i just turned 17 two or three weeks ago) and i am apparently determined to get this... but i have been thinking about this for YEARS! At first, i was thinking to be a cartoontist but I couldn't draw my own style without copying somebody else so foo it! Then somehow i found an interest in greeting cards and ads. I always make something funny then a slogan or something catchy aside the picture. They could use some humor in the ads. I am pretty creative.. i always make my own cards for my friends' birthdays or congrats cards for anything else. Although most cards i made were kind of inside jokes or personal but i am sure like 1,000 of people do understand the jokes on my cards [laughing] it doesn't hurt to try anyway. I can't wait for college to come and go by and soon I will be landed in a career. Doing something worth and getting something out of my time being used up! MONEY! MY OWN LIFE! I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT! I CONTROL MY OWN LIFE!!!!!!!! ...............quit staring.

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