Sunday, January 12

Hairy issue...[literally!]

found an ancient poem that I have written years ago. I am typing the exactly way it was written with the misspelling and bullshit. Remember, it is old. Here it is-

[dated 10-14-01]
My hair grew
with burdens,
and negativeity.
Those burdens
come with knots,
tackles and
to comb it spreadly.
The negativeity
pulled me down
to their level.
One day, my
hair choked
me while
lying asleep.
mind swarming
with memories
of burdens,
and negatively.
Chop them off,
I said.
Disown them.
Let them off.
I think those
words to myself.
Chop. Chop.
Get Sciccsors.
Chop. Chip!
All of hairs
fell down.
I picked up
my problems
and they laid dead.
Smiling, I said,
"No more"
and buried
the burdens
and negatives.

After writting that poem, I had cut off thirteen inches of blonde hair off. Pardon the misspelling and stupid words. It was written at like 2 oclock in the morning. I was ridden with emotional turmoil and I was driving crazy by my hair. It was REAAAAAALLLLLLY long. I am trying to remember how long it was- it was long enough to reach my butt's crack. Now my hair is barely reaching my shoulders. The reason I had cut my hair off because I jsut want to "screw" everybody. I was tired of people admiring my hair. Why should i keep my hair? FUck them all. I dont nwa tot hear any more comments about my beautiful and shiny blonde hair. And i was breaking up with my ex at that time so every time I looked at my hair, i kept thinking of his mishaps (stupid but funny as hell) with my long hair and his admiration of my hair. SCREW him. Screw EVERYBODY! And the ironic thing, after i cut my hair, my hair changed from "beautiful" to "CUTE". "Oh WOW! Kirsi that is SO CUTE! IT IS SO YOU!" Arugh. Fuck this. I give up. You win. Maybe i should dye my hair? So somebody would say "ohmygawd, what the hell happen to your hair?!" just for ONCE! SOMEBODY! SAY SOMETHING MEAN TO ME!

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