Sunday, January 26

Princple issue of mine

I hate the cliques now. Hard to believe that I used to be so "clique" frenze myself! I would have joined ANY cliques that have a nifty icon or slogan that I stand up for. Now, i just realize that if i join cliques, i will defy one of my principles- to not be part of any "label" in any way at all. In other words, I am to be very original and unique. So i just speculate across several nifty clique's icons-- and steal the pictures to modify and put on my tshirt! Most of the pictures come from daily life objects so nobody will think it comes from stupid cliques. >:] MWAHAHA! No really, i am just kidding. I only had taken one pic- a safety pin. IS THAT A BIG DEAL?! NO, I DONT THINK SO! I think I liked cliques for a reason.. i guess that is because i can label myself with some nifty slogans, you know? "DORK PRIDE!" "Not Narrow but Straight" or bullshit like that. But I dont need labels to define "me".. I will just say whatever I believe in or think. People can decide whatever the label suits me and i dont care because it doesn't matter anymore. so, if you think i am a bitch, poser (which i may will be offended but nevertheless), punk, retro, hippie, feminist, preppie, and whatnot- Just keep this in mind- I don't give a fuck what you are thinking of me. I only care about myself and my opinion of myself. Enjoy labelling and go fucking yourself.

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