Sunday, January 19

Test Frenze!

I am waiting for my friend to come and pick me up and we will go to IKEA and screw up everything in the store! WHooooooo......

nose piercing

You Are A Nose Piercing

You are stylish and sophisticated, yet secretive.
By night, your nose has a fuck-me piercing - by day an innocent little stud.
Your nose piercing is the wildest thing you've ever done... for now!
In general, you don't care what others think - especially people you know.
What Piercing Are *You*?

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Hmph, I would just prefer labret. [WARNING: excessive of nude and porn at the website of the test]

ooooo, i found the coolest LOTR Fansite with spiffy title- LOTR Pipeweed over at Check it out.. I AM DEMANDING YOU TO GO! no wait, then you will leave this blog... go AFTER you finish reading this blog! Yes yes.... =^__^=

The Extremely Silly Which Stereotypical Member of the Fellowship Are You Quiz

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I can't wait to watch the Two Towers! (with closed captioning... *for those naively people, it is almost like subtitles but for the deaf [hearing impaired] to know the dialouge and shit*)

What amusing cast moment from FotR: The Extended Edition DVD are you?

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