Monday, February 17

I have a horrible isomonia for couple of days now so pardon for my endless entry of quizzes and surveys. :D

Which Season are you?

What Flavour Are You? Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.

I am a subtle flavour, quiet and polite, gentle, almost ambient. My presence in crowds will often go unnoticed. Best not to spill me on your clothes though, I can leave a nasty stain. What Flavour Are You?

I'm Chandler Bing from Friends!

Take the Friends Quiz here.

created by stomps.

You're The Tortured Artist
You're the Tortured Artist. You do anything and
everything; from water colours, to morbid
poetry, to emo music and zines. Nobody
understands you and they never will, but that's
alright because you have your art. You're
extremely intelligent and diverse, but perhaps
a little cinical. That's okay though, the world
can bite you and you can make up a short story
about then illustrate it yourself.

What Is Your Inner Artist?

So true about me. :D

Your shoe is a boot!

You are independant and strong with a wild side!
What Type of Shoe Are You?

it is so EASY to manipulate the test to get a result I want. My original test result when i didn't know what kind of resutls i will get was this:

Your shoe is a skateboarding shoe!

You are daring and fun, a true risk taker!

What Type of Shoe Are You?
THe only difference is whichever I am wearnign: a hoodie or an army pant. WTF? But this makes me thinking- so wearing a hoodie makes you a skater??? SO STERETYPICAL! BEcause i always and i mean ALWAYS wear a hooded sweatshirt but I suck at skating! The only thing i am SO good at skating is falling off from the board. If the skateboard has no wheels then i will be a great skater.

took off some dude named TRIG's livejournal. if you are TRIG and you are pissed that i took this off from yours- SORRY!

[name] kirsi

[nicknames] uh nobody calls me a nickname but I like to create my own- winkie & gnarlydorkette!

[home] san diego, CA

[birthday] dec 11

[sign] sag

[eye color] blue

[hair] is blonde, dirty blonde,ashblonde- every blonde shade really.

[bf/gf] yes.

[school colours] supposedly darkblue and gray/silver. but they throw in babyblue and white for fun..

[mascot] warhawk.

[clothing style] ....definitely laid-back.

[pets] diamondback and "Dumb and Dumber" [the fish.... yes i do have fish for those who have been to my house- but they are hidden! BWAHAHA]


[movie] i recommend Matrix, AmeliƩ, Memento, Simone... hmmph.... and RUN LOLA RUN!

[color crayon] ...well i have been attracted to the crayon color of teal and brick red. But i also secretly like silver crayon. it SHINES! SO COOL!

[kind of pens] huh? papermate is what I like mostly... fat tip! (so i can write HARD w.out trying to have the ink working)

[flowers] daisy! (he loves me not, he loves me...)

[juice flavor] .......SHUDDER

[cereal] fruitloop. applejacks. frosted wheaties. ooo maybe i should put all of them into one bowl! that would be SO yummy!

[candies] finnish candies- maarko something.

[ice cream flavor] (turning into a devilish chibi) ooooo ummmm MOOSE TRACKS! it is pretty much like cookie-n-cream but with REESE!

[skittle flavor] .....SHUDDER..... i never really like them... i just eat them sometimes for a sugar fix.

[color m & m] I supposed to have a favorite color for MM? [blinking]

[pizza topping] ooooo la la now something up my alley- pepperoni, canadian ham, bacon... and regular ham. yepper, i am a big pig person!

[salad dressing] ranch ... [shrug] white stuff. :D

[hangout] school? dude all of my friends live too far to just hangout at one commonplace.

[saying] ...uh, "fuck you"? "Dude" anything stupid really.

[quote] something from Matrix by agent smith. I am too lazy to insert that LONG quote here.

[teacher] favorite? *shrugging*... but I have Hayes, Runyan, Ms. Steele, Ms.McGuinty, and Melanie Najaki (known as MN)!

[day] friday... and sunday (for the comics in the newspaper)

[month] any month that have more than a week of no school *dec, june, july, & aug*

[season] hhmmphh... summer/spring. i need the fucking sun.

[number] 1-3! 33! 39! i dont know. I like 3 personally.. 9 too but not 1. altho 13 is a fun number for me... (raving about numbers)

[holiday] nada. most of the holidays are christians and I dont support that idea that all christian holidays are observed but the jewish and others aren't. damnit, let their holidays being observed! (so we have more "no school" days)

[shoes] sneakers sneak sneak sneakers!

[makeup] ..... what make-up? does chapstick count?

[perfume] .....SHUDDER. too much perfume! you know that your body gives out its own smell to attrach certain mates... so if you wear prefume, you are attracting wrong kinds of mates for ya!

[store (in the mall)] ....I always hit HOTTOPIC but i like to peek in toys store, haha

[store (not in the mall)] .....oO;;; uhh is all stores supposed to be in a mall? (speaking from a person who hits upon 5 malls in the city)

[fast food place] .....SHUDDER i dont like fast-food joints anymore. -BUT- i kind of like Jack-*off*-In-The-Box and Carl Jrs more than others.

[restaurant] ...........dont go there. i will start talking off your ears about restaurants. There is Bennigans, Casa something in Old Town, there are dennys, blahblahblah


[rugrats character] .....the twins are cool.

[daria character] ooooo! I like that kick-ass artiste... Lei something.

[simpsons character] uh ... Lisa is allright. I like the baby- Maggie.

[teletubby] ..........SHUDDER.

[fair ride] as in State Fair? uhhh so many choices! [thinking back to the summer] hhhhmmphhh! I CAN"T PICK JUST ONE!

[radio station] not applied here *deafie*

[font] me likey verdana!

[color of floppy disk] I got crappy standard black disks.

[person to talk to online] .....*confidential*

[thing to do in the daytime] sleeping.

[thing to do at night] awake.


[thing to do in the fall] mourning that the school is back.

[thing to do in the winter] freezing.

[thing to do in the spring] warming up.

[bands] not applied here.

[subject] ....urrh? art?

[food] .........................y-u-m.. asian foods! *anything with rice and meat*

[color] red/orange/gray/darkpurple.

*this or that*

[boxers or briefs?] personally i want my guy to have brief. but not everybody gets what they wants, doesn't they?

[plaid or striped?] plaid.

[scream or scream2 or scream3?] oh ew. none of all.

[urban legend or the faculty?] *rolling her eyes*

[ska or punk?] no labelling here, please.

[salt or pepper?] pepper!

[rare, medium, or well done?] WELL DONE a must!

[m & m's-regular, peanut, peanut-butter, or almond?] regular.

[hershey's-hugs or kisses] urrh? they have hugs? I only have eaten the kisses.

[chocolate or vanilla?] ...'nilla.

[bleh or blah?] *blech* :D

[okay, ok, or o.k.?] M'KAY!

[sex, drugs, or rocknroll?] lol i dunno!

[shake or stir?] shaken.

[gray or grey?] grey. *has a british accent in writing lol*

[pens, crayons, pastels, or colored pencils?] PRISMACOLOR ALL THE WAY!

[bright colors or dark colors?] dark.

[fruit at the bottom or pre-stirred?] uh, fruit at the bottom. :D i am gross!

[beavis and butthead, king of the hill, or daria?] i will rather watch daria over the others.

[adidas, nike, fila, or reebok?] .....SHUDDER... no labels, please.

[big red, juicy fruit, or doublemint?] *smacking her lips* juicy fruittttt.

[tic-tacs or certs?] ....SHUDDER.

[sunshine or rain?] ......both. raining in a sunshine!

[rain or snow?] .......rain damnit.

[sun or moon?] ......mooooooooooon.

[silver or gold?] ..silver.

[silk, cotton, or flannel sheets?] .....FLANNEL *warm warm warm*

[skaters or jocks?] ......SHUDDER no dumb jocks please!

[preps or freaks?] freak freak freak *better than vain-ass prep*

[cds or cassettes?] not applied here.

[ketchup, mayo, mustard, or relish?] ............SHUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDEEEER! Ketchup ONLY.

[shampoo+conditioner in one or separate?] shampoo only. conditioner just fucks my hair up.

*what do you think of*

[Leonardo Dicaprio] ........he got that baby face that he wont grow out.

[hanson] ......*holding out a pair of scissors* BWA HA HA!

[calvin klein] .....NO LABEL, I REPEAT MYSELF!

[pamela anderson lee] ......booooooob.

[winnie the Pooh] never watched it when I was a child- THANKS GOD.

[wal-mart] *shrug* they got cheap socks... and cat foods. :D

[the whole clinton-lewinsky thing] leave the poor Clinton alone! He was only doing what million of other men in USA are doing so quit the pestering! *this survey must be over 2 yrs old*

[supermodels] *handing out a piece of meat* Y'ALL NEED SOME MEAT!

[clowns] I personally never find a clown funny. All they do is just do magic tricks.

[media violence] I dont mind watching them on CABLE but keep it off from the fucking networks. there are fucking kids watching the networks! I mean, cartoons then all sudden sex and guns the next?! Hell no, just fucking keep the steaming sex scenes on the cable. If people want to see some booty, they gotta pay for it!

[mp3s] not applied here.

*if you were _______, what would you be?*

[an animal] a cat. *meeeeowing*

[a fruit] ...........*thinking*.........*still thinking*....... orange?

[a vegetable] ........broccolli.

[a spice] ...pepper

[a color] red/orange.

[a bug] .......grasshopper. "My little grasshopper, you will learn soon... have patience"

*short answer*

[are you left handed or right handed?] rightie.

[are you smart?] sureeee.... ;D

[whats your middle name?] Mari *with no -a or -e*

[how many personalities do you have?] so far two. :D

[how many piercings do you have?] two pairs of piercings on my ears.

[are you superstitious?] so-so. *a biggie about ladders and poles (dont be separated from ur loved one when the pole comes)*

[do you read your horoscope?] not the daily ones.

[can you do a cartwheel?] .............oh no. well first I will have to lose some weight so i am able to do that w.out toppling sideways.

[what languages do you know?] English, Spanish *RUSTY*, ASL.

[do you like onions?] hide them from me. If I know it is onion, i will spit it out.

[do you like cotton candy?] sureeee

[what instruments can you play?] none.

[what words do you overuse?] "fuck"

[how many pillows do you have?] ....i have four but I only use two....

[do you like to dance?] ............*growling* no.

[do you like to sing?] no.

[are you any good at it?] No.

[how many cds do you have?] not applied here.

[do you like to talk on the phone?] i talk a lot on my pager, not TTY *a device for the deaf for phone*

[how many times have you moved houses?] in my lifetime- 3.

[what do you think of chain letters?] never get them *I threat my friends that if i get them, they get a boot from ym list*

[do you like where you live?] yeah i like being in San Diego. :D hate it when certain people complain SD is a bore. *rme*

[is your room messy?] it have to be messy due to lack of the space.

[how many people go to your school?] .....1,200+ something of bratty kids.

[do you like your writing?] it varies with my mood and condition of my hand is in.

[do you like to fingerpaint?] ooooooo SURE!

[do you sleep with a stuffed animal?] ....a real live cat is moe like a stuffed animal for me. haha

[do you sleep with socks on?] NO! I HATE socks while sleeping!

[are you ticklish?] ...............*growling* dont come near me!

[are you shy?] .....around certain types of people, yes. but when I am in a familiar place with familiar faces, NAW.

[do you talk to yourself?] helluva yeah *laughing*

[is your house 1, 2, or 3 stories?] two.

[do you have a basement or an attic?] attic. (it is connected to my bedroom)

[did you go to preschool?] yeah.

[are you a morning person?] but at the momen,t yes, given the fact that I have isomnia and I am still up at 5:30am.

[who has the sexiest voice in the world?] doesn't apply here.

[who has the most annoying voice in the world?] doesn't apply here..

[whats your purity test score?] oh shit, i dont remember. around 75% something or 80? i dont remember to be honest.

[do you believe in God?] no.

[do you believe in aliens?] .........not really. But still if there is no alines, then there is sure a lot of space wasted.

[do you believe in ghosts?] .......*growling* y-yeah.

[do you believe in bigfoot?] ....oh no. *thinking of the movie* I want to see it again...

[do you believe in the loch ness monster?] no.

[whats your favorite feature (on yourself)?] urrh? f-favorite? uh my hands, i guess.

[what do you do when you're nervous?] ......sweating i guess... and no no most of the times, i got a beet-red face.

[whos your role model?] ME! lol no really, my cat. I really want to live up to my cat's repuation of being a lazy ass.

[what celebrities do you look like?] .......none.

[what celebrities do you act like?] ........o_O;;; none..

[how old do you wish you were?] 18 so i can fucking kick out and leave the fucking family.. LEGAL RIGHTS! VOTE!

[what will you name your daughter?] so MANY names to choose from! But it will be a freaky name for sure!

[son?] same answer as above.

[have you ever thought you were gonna die?] but I have wished at many times.

[wheres the farthest place you ever traveled?] .......Hensinki in Finland probably.

[where do you wanna go?] France. Australia. New Zealand. Japan.

*hard questions*

[would you rather burn to death or freeze to death?] oh jesus.. that is a hard questioN! uhh... .freeze. maybe I shouldn't deicde on cremating myself.

[are the best things in life free?] WHICH?

[can money buy happiness?] no. it shouldn't. because if it does then I am one fucking unhappy dude.

[do you think guys or girls have it easier?] ..........guys do... ~__~;; we deal with fucking periods, pregancy, menospause, sexism and everything so THAT IS WHY WE ARE FUCKING BITCHY!

[would you eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000?] .................*whimpering* uhh... NO WAY!

[had a band what would you name it?] "FUCKING GNARLY" or "No Label"/"No Barcode Please"

[what do you wanna be when you grow up?] an poor artiste in a nifty studio/loft.

[gonna go to college?] will. have to.

[where do you want to live?] San Diego for my final years *but i will love to reside in various countries in Euro*.

[who do you love?] my cat. yeah, he has more love than any human beings.

[who do you hate?] ............ I dont hate people, i just deprive my fondness for them.

[if you had to dye your hair right now, what color would you make it?] RED! no BLACK! no RED AND HOT PINK! no YEAH! RED RED and BLACK!

[if you had to get a body piercing right now where would it be?] labret... i have been considered it for years.

[if you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be?] various of symbols *small ones* on my hands, toes, maybe neck.

[if you were gonna be stuck on a deserted tropical island forever with one other person who would you want it to be?] .........can it be an animal? this way if I get hungry, i can grill my cat. LOL! NO WAY! I LOVE MY CAT TOO MUCH TO EAT HIM!

I am an imaginary number
I don't really exist


what number are you?

this quiz by orsa

kick-ass i like this idea! fine now 1i is my favorite number!

How dumb are you?

Fire advise goggle
You think you're deep, tortured and misunderstood.
You're not, you're just incoherent and a bit
silly. Now you know.

What Lord of the Rings engrish subtitle are you?
LOL you just have to take the test to read the funny answers to the question.

I will be stung by a swarm of killer bees

How will you die? Take the Exotic Cause of Death Test

You're the STYLE tag- you are very dramatic, but when you mess up or overdramatize something, you know it and you change.

FINALLY! YOU ARE AT THE END! lol well good morning and enjoy your break. now I command you to LEAVE me alone

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