Friday, February 21

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I took some more of tests BUT DONT WORRY! they are not the ones that I post up images. ^___^;;;
Those are just the statistics and labels I got after taking personality tests.
at, my personality is INTJ due to my stats of 44%introverted, 11%Intuitive, 33%Thinking, and 1%Judging... from those precentages, you can say that I am: "moderately expressed introvert", "slightly expressed intuitive personality", "moderately expressed thinking personality", and "slightly expressed judging personality." there is more descrpitions of INTJ @ here I found some that is totally NOT me... such as: "INTJs are perfectionists" (me, a perfectionist? HA!), "Typical INTJ career choices are in the sciences and engineering" (WHAAAAAAT? It must miscalucated my score...),
Stuff that I know I am because of being a INTJ because: "they will be able to tell you almost immediately whether or not they can help you......INTJs know what they know, and perhaps still more importantly, they know what they don't know.", "are usually extremely private people, and can often be naturally impassive as well, which makes them easy to misread and misunderstand."
FAMOUS INTJS: Susan B. Anthon & JKF.

Now, over at even more interesting results about me! ^__~ the italic words are the titles of the quiz i took. :)
Who were you in High School- I was a REBEL. "Whatever. From what we can tell, it's no surprise you were such a rebel in high school. Let's see, rules were meant to be broken and authority was supposed to be ignored, right? Spend a lot of time in detention? If not, it probably just meant you were wily enough to get away with it. Sure, these days, the old piercings may have filled in and the tattoos might be faded, but you've still got a bit of the bad apple in you. With a healthy disdain for regulations, rebels are often happiest working as their own boss. Be it president of your own company, drummer in a band, or just suburban super dad/soccer mom, you still play by your own rules and you've got the speeding tickets to prove it." Well, I will graduate in couple of months so PFFT to those who say "Hey- you are stil in High School!"

What would Freud think of you? AKA The Freud Test "Freud would say your strongest unconscious conflict stems from events that happened when you were a Toddler." "He would also conclude that relative to others, your personality today is moderately affected by the events of your childhood. It appears that your biggest unconscious conflict that still afflicts you stems from what Freud defined as the anal stage of development that occurred when you were between a year and a half and three years old. Freud would say that this conflict can manifest in your personality by giving you a tendency to be especially orderly or clean, or "retentive." You may also harbor a strong rebellious streak. This normally happens when parents toilet-train a child on some kind of schedule, rather than at the child's natural pace and the child naturally reacts by struggling for their autonomy and the legitimacy of their needs." ... Interesting... but uno problemo- I am not a cleanfreak... wait- well i am a clean freak if it is all about my BODY. but as in materials- pfft no... wait well i do fuss if there are dirt on the utsentils.. i guess after all i am a clean freak...

The Ultimate Personality Test I am THE OBSERVER! (an interesting note to the reader: I did take this like two years ago or so, i was a SKYDIVER but not anymore.) "you're one of the more kind-hearted people around. You are unusually intuitive, and you probably understand yourself, as well as others. That also means you're a good mediator — though you may prefer to spend more quiet time on your own than most. Because of the self-knowledge you already possess, you are better equipped than many to steer your life in the right direction. Understanding more about the components of your personality will reveal unique information that even people like you might not realize. And the better you know yourself, the more confident you'll be making decisions that affect your life." and there is another note referring to an OBSERVER-type reader "You are an indispensable equalizer amongst the various groups that comprise your life. You feel that the spotlight and center stage were made for other people to act out their fantasies." and I totally agree with that!

well, that is all for now, folks. :D

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