Wednesday, March 12

College Acceptance... sorta of

.............I am accepted to SDSU... but I have to go to community college for fall 2003 for a year then I can transfer to the campus of SDSU. Although I will have SDSU student id and access to the campus while I am taking remedial classes at a local community college. Joy joy. I guess SDSU got too much applications so they send some kiddos to community college for general education.. oh well. Yay for me... i guess.... one thing i dont get- REMEDIAL CLASSES? I am in high honors classes in my school and even in AP classes! What is up with that?! Just because I am deaf , i automatically need help with my reading and language???? I have to admit, my math skills are rusty but the point is- I GOT GOOD GRADES IN CLASSES THAT GOES BEYOND THE REMEDIAL CLASSES ! >_____< WHatever, those bastards at SDSU, they just committed a crime of deaf-ism (discriminations against deaf)! Grrr.

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