Saturday, March 22


Symptoms: sleeping in the classes frequently, not turning in the homeworks, doesn't care about grades, looking forward to the last day... should I go on?

I am utterly and completely attacked by the senioritis. All i want is to get OUT ! I can't fucking wait until June 13th! GOD GOD! WHY MAKING ME SUFFER?! I hate the school. Well, frankly i have been hated school ever since so it is nothing new. I wish I don't go to college but I know I have to anyway or mom will kill me. everybody too. I am smart so I should go to college, as they say. I feel that I haven't learned NOTHING and I dont want to PAY for my education! I only want to learn those that i feel benefit or fun to learn- philosophy, art, drama, literature, et cetera... instead of MATH, SCIENCE and those bullshit subjects.

I am thinking about ditching the graduation ceremony and spend time in my bedroom instead. Why bothering to go back school for the fucking graduation? I will like my HS diploma in mail, thank you very much. But nooo everybody wants me to go so they can take their fucking pictures of me in an ugly gown and cap. Fuck. it is a completely WASTE of time! You just sit there and listen to some dude droning on then finally you go up and shake hands with unknown strangers and go back to your seat. THAT IS IT! BORING! Fuck it, I am ditching the ceremony. id ont care about teachers, friends, princpal or bs. they should know me better- I AM NOT GOING TO SIT AROUND LISTENING TO SHIT!

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

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