Thursday, May 22

College, here I come!

......COOL! I have been notified by SDSU that they have dropped my status as "dual admission" to a full time student since I have passed my ELM/EPT tests... kickass! This is a very good day.... because i also found out that i have been awarded a year worth of college tutition... but my mom doesn't want it because i have VR (Vocabitonal Rehab.. it is not like a drug addiction therapy.. it is an agency that helps the disabled people to get good education and job oppurtionaties... so basically they are helping to pay for our college edu so we could get jobs) covering for me for whole 4 years. The VR will cover more than just tutition- books, transportation, equitments, etc so she has a good point. bye bye yall! HOPE YOU COLLEGE-BOUND KIDS HAVE GOOD NEWS TODAY!

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