Friday, July 4

Graduation then... Summer?

*MEOW* I HAVE GRADUATED! well it is a while ago but nevertheless, it is an important annoucement! I graduated on June 13th.. BAD LUCK DAY!....since it was on friday, DUH DUH. Ahyoooooo um I haven't seen anybody from high school, execpt one but she was not much of fun. In fact, she was kind of... distant and inattentive on that day when we hung out together so I don't count that day.
So far, my post-high school life has been.... all about painting my bedroom and sleeping. ....yeah that is pretty much it. I can't remember much really, lol. I did went to San Diego State Fair (or formerly known as Del Mar Country Fair)... movies... uh the Hulk, yeah.... that is it. and that day with a "friend" shopping and not talking. that is it. Oh yeah I also went to Sea World. maybe i did get out a lot lately... ^__~
I also have evolved into a nightowl. this week, I had been up 33 hours before I went to bed. That was when I started to paint my bedroom's walls, yepper. I haven't done it so tomorrow i will have to remove my bed and desk to make room to paint the remainding walls. Fun fun. I cannot sleep in my bedroom because of the paint fumes, ick ick.
c'est la vie
I am hoping to see heather and lynn within next two months.
I have to go to my college's new student orientation this month, UGH UGH, fun fun. summer is so short.. yeah. only 2 months left before I head off to college, yuck yuck.

people are no fun. the people who presumed they are my friends are no fun. They are not straight. They are bunch of posers and frauds who enjoy to screw people around.

signing off

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