Friday, August 29

College & Deaf Insights

i am little.... apprehensive about SDSU. For some reason, i have this gut feeling that i won't be able to cut it. I cannot cut the F-O-U-R years. Two years of college, sure, but that is only the general education so i am pretty much screwed. I am beginning to ponder whether if it is a regret that I choose to not go to Art Institute with their three-years program with an pricey obstacle? Maybe their high cost of the tutition is worth it since you are only obligated to go for three years (one may do it in appx. two years if one attends in the summers too) so... maybe... just maybe... i dont know. I am really hoping SDSU will cut it for me, because if SDSU is turning out a flop, i am getting out of there. Maybe go to that all-women college in Philly. eh, snow during the winter? <__< I dont know. I just want to go somewhere where nobody knows me yet somewhere where I can make friends with deaf and hearing people with no difficulties. I guess I am dreaming too much.
I am hoping to get a new scene at SDSU... because the past scene of mine is bound to drag me down especially since i am living in the same city as many other people with the memories. WHy why? I wish I never went to Madison but then i wouldn't know the REAL world if i don't go to a hs with deaf people. If i had ended up going to some highschool where i am only one or one of very few deaf pupils, i wont be able to be enlightened the culprit of the deaf community around here and across the nation too. You see it once in a town/city, you already have seen it all, esp in the deaf communities. There is no orginial deaf community. Every, i mean EVERY, deaf community does have your common personalities such as: knockedup teen, slutty teen, drug dealer, potheads (zillions of them, i am telling you), backstabbers and more backstabbers. EVERY one do have one (for some, too many) of those kind.... each of those personalities keep the deaf community true to its heart- the whole concept of bullshit and brownnose. We are so good at being a brownoser because we are so used to brown-nose the hearing people so we can get by in our lives.... and we gradually see eachother as if we are "hearing" and start to nod at eachother and think to ourselves that you are such a putz. Maybe the colleges separte the extremes of backstabbers and [aheming] "semi-uneducated" from those extremes who spotted and shunned the culprits of the deaf community.... i am beginning to develop my own theory that college does separate those extremes of personalities because the college requires willingness and motivation to *FINISH* schooling which unfortunately not many deaf individuals have succeeded in do so. I am trying to convice myself that i can finsih the college... because too many of my so-called peers are NOT graduating. too many of them are dropping out of college on the account of finical issues or failing the courses and this list, of course, goes on to the drug as the first priority issue. I am trying to tell myself that it is best for me to finish out my 4 years of devotement to the screwed-up state system that i am able to be freed and unbound from those stereotypes and unfortunate statistics of my people.

You are Aurora from Sleeping Beauty!

What Disney Princess are you?

The Padres Chicken
You are goofy. You'll stop at nothing to distract
the opponent. You are the symbol of bad jokes.
(like the team you represent)

What Baseball Mascot are You?

for those who are inept to the concept of baseball, Padres is San Diego's baseball team. it is not oo bad, but not too good to go for the world series- unless they beat Diamondbacks (of Arizona) then they have a chance. ;)

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