Sunday, August 10

SantaMonica: field trip!

.......went to Santa Monica today. Saw two things that made my day- in a way.

one: you know those um, "anti-smoking" ads by "tell the truth" firm... one of those commericals on the tube was a mexican dude showing the graffiti artwork he had done of his father who had died of throat cancer from smoking... this dude made a black/white pic of his dad on this huge brick wall with those detials of flowers and banner under him... you know that one? The dad got nice goatee and mustache going on... well, i saw it. that thing is real. it is not a prop. it is in one of the alley on Licoln Ave. if you come on that street from West, keep your eye on the opposite side, you will see the alley with the graffiti if you keep driving in the far left lane. it was pretty cool.
two: i saw the venice river. not the famous Italian river, but like a spoof of that river in Venice Beach. it was rad, and it looks pretty to live beside.

so. that was my day. it was HOT. sweaty. didn't go into the beach, altho. doesn't want to anyway, with those hobos wandering around and sewer polluting the ocean. oh well. that is california for ya, altho.

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