Tuesday, August 12


Got screwed over with the w32.Blaster Worm virus today. took me a while to fix the computer. Thank you, the creator of Blast Worm, for making it soooo difficult and nerve-wrecking for me. All it did was shutting down the computer every 5 mins. It pissed me off because i wanted to play games and talking to people w.out saying "BRB in a min, gotta restart the cmputer"..... so i removed it and patched it up and so on and it better be a virus-free cmputer from now on or i will go berserk on somebody if I come back to an infected computer.
Oh that's right, i haven't mentioned that I am going to be gone for two weeks to Oakland to hangout wtih my old buddy. :) It has been all "old buddy" this summer. Saw an old buddy yesterday, Lynn, after like 2 years or appx. Same old same old with her really, haha but she will leave this wednesday back to Good old Texas and plans to move back here in a month or so. She has been doing well, esp after everything that had happened to her (it will take me a *very* long time to explain but down to the bottom- Texas hasn't been good to her)
whee whee

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