Wednesday, August 27

While in Sonoma Co

Tue, 19 Aug 2003- this was copied from my email which was sending by my pager's email on that day

Cows. Pigs. Llama. Goats. Few horses. They r the daily sights up in santarosa/sonoma countries.
I just went out with my buddies and set off fireworks at a private elementary school's playgrounds.
I have done something daily up here. Course, because I got buddies so I get to do something fun compared to my home where everybody is just a partypooper who rather to choose clubs over some play-time on the beach and whatnot, for the hell of it. Be immature- well not really- just live the day AND night and laugh it away. That is what I will like. No movies, clubs, nor home will make that unless u have some buddies who know how to MELLOW OUT.

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