Friday, September 5


Thus, comes the end of the week one of college. and the fatigue has settled in. I am totally bombed. Not because of the loads of homework or the droning lectures by the professors but BY THE FRIGGING HEAT STROKE! Apparently where I live has a completely different weather from my college which is merely 8-10 minutes away. The college's.... environment somehow strives in a *very* humid and hot weather which raises to 100 degrees on a cloudy day... IMAGINE that. And then adding the long trek across the campus from the parking lot to the classes which only makes the sweating day even worser...and alas the trek in-betweens the classes when you have two classes on the opposite side of campus (if you want to major in ART but you are taking your General Education classes- DONT ATTEND SDSU! they are torturing the artists.... hmph maybe that is why so many artists are skinny over there.....)
.... unless you want to lose some flabs on your body, then go to SDSU, of course. (Reasons: the campus is HUMONGOUS, hills and steps everywhere.. hell, SDSU is *the* land of the *thigh-master*!) I am already losing some flabs, for real. i am in the 150s.... LOW 150s. not even close to 160. (for those who dont know schiesse about me, my weight tends to flirt with the 170s zone but stays strong in the 160s) ANd it had only been a week.... Imagine me after uhh 354 er, 346, 3--whatever, days! Oooooo....... then after that-- i will, like, join like a friggin sorority and get raped by a bunch of drunken frats, WHOOO GO AZTECS!! [rolling her eyes] that is one other thing about SDSU- the campus is full of screamin' frats and sororities.... no friggin; way. [sighing] oh well. They will stay away from the big gals to not catch any of possible obsesity, of course so i have nothing to worry about. ;)
Ahoy there mate! I am out of here and jump into a cold shower... to cool my hot sizzlin' body... (cover your virgin eyes!) rotflmao

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