Monday, September 8

Hmmph.... Surivial of the Fittest

I have noticed that there is no website or some kind of "support" group for the deaf in mainstreamed hearing college... seemingly the only kind they got for the deafs in the colleges are workshops and clubs etc in deaf colleges ONLY (i.e.: CSUN, Gally, RIT and so on)..... wtf? Is it t surivial of the fittest that the deaf at those so-called deaf colleges decide to throw their deaf "ex" friends to the den of the lions alll because one has commited treason by going to a college that is not deaf-familiar?? (On my side-ntoe... i would have to say on the contrary, SDSU is familiar wtih deaf, because they trained all speech therapist, interp, and so on on the campus- yet not many deaf students go to SDSU... wtf???? Is this ironic or what? How could the hearing students learn about deaf culture if deafie is nowhere to sight?!)
So I am deciding.... if you are a deaf student and you are at a college where deaf population is under 20 (or whatever... as long you considered yourself as an alienated deaf student in a college), email me so i could start up some kind of .... message board online for us to unite all lone deafies that have been brutually rejected by their kind. But of course, i am so sure not many of youse out there are reading this.. but if you are deaf and you know somebody like me, pass this on them. Nation-wide deafies are WELCOME! Let's combat against this so-called accusation of treachy and bust down the mislabelling of being a "traitor" ! Let's prove ourselves that we are just like them- that we just made our choices based not because of the deaf community (there is price, quality of education, convievence, location, and so on... so don't fucking chew our heads out!)!
So... LET'S UNITE! "........Can Everybody Just Gets Aloooong?????"

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