Monday, September 29

License Plates Sighted!

I have seen the plates from the o' wunderful states (slash foregin countries that are neighbor of US) of:
Lousisana, Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, California (of course, lol) , Baja California, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Utah, Nevada, Alabama, Hawaii (yeppers, they do fly their vechiles overseas.... btw, why do Hawaiians called their freeways INTERSTATE? hint: HAWAII HAS NO OTHER STATES AROUND IT! d'oh!), Utah, Flordia, Georgia, Maryland, Viriginia, Connecuniut (jesus, don't ask me about spelling.. i just simply cannot spell big-named states in the eastern- Penn. Mass. and Conn.), Massescutts, Pennsylvia (success??? SO CLOSE, i know), Maine, Rhode Island, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Delaware.....
TOTAL= (28 states, plus a Mexican license)

States I don't see or don't recollect seeing:
Indiana, Ohio, West Viriginia, Montana, Minnestoa, Michigan, Wiscosin, Wymoning, Nebraska, Tennesse, Ketucky, Mississippi (this I CAN spell!), Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas.....
interesting, i don't see much of Mid-west license.... guess they dont get out much, har har haw! (spitting in the spitoon jar)
TOTAL= (15 states)

28 plus 15 =45... but we do have 50 states? what 5 states did we miss? or prehaps i miscounted. Tell me what states am I missing by clicking on "FEED ME!" and put down your feedback. YES WE DO HAVE A COMMENT BOARD BUT EVERYBODY IS TOO DUMB TO CHECK ONTO IT! Or just dont want to talk to me. Damn youall.

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