Sunday, October 12

An elaboration is needed...

"People sure don't know me at all. Everybody know a part of my life well but they miss out the other part of my life that they are stuck wiht their biased judgement of who I am."

I just realized that nobody wouldn't understand this because of course, they dont know everything about me.. lol. You see... my age group.. is right now doing what i have DONE in my ...early teenager years.... so I have seen stuff they are currently seeing. But they didn't know that because i NEVER really brag that i did this, that, these, etc. At the same time, the age group I am hanging out with.... THINKS i am a bore who needs to go out frequently.. that is because they didn't know WHAT i have done in the past so that lack of information enables them to judge me as a wallflower.

So you can see my problem with the people. :) I am a wallflower NOW because my WILD days are OVER... I need to mellow out and get serious... NOT because I am a bore my whole life and I need to get WILD.... Dont judge a person by their age. You will miss out a great friend. Age really shouldn't affect your potentail friends... you can befriend with a senior citizen and think s/he is cool. Altho I haven't meet a senior citizen that would be friends wtih me due to my youth...... SEE, PEOPLE ARE PREJUGDICING BASED on AGES! DAMN THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

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