Tuesday, October 14

Hmmph.... stuff from a fellow blogger- Nate Kroll something something.

Finland is the #1 Non-Corrupted Country in the world... go to the website to see how your country rank, corrupt-wise. :D :D *finland is my "nationality"... my mother and the WHOLE family on her side is born and raised in Finland*

lololol.... warning: pervented flash animation....

...I love SDSU's diversities on the campus. Once each week, I admit I truly love
to see this old lady with long white hair walking her dog around... This ittle
dog is black.. Irish settler I guess... I am not good with dog breeds but
anyway, what makes this dog so unique- it ALWAYS has an empty water bottle in its
mouth... I found it cheerful and brightened up my day. So again,. I do like the
diversity on campus. :)

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