Thursday, October 30

Paging from SDSU

(long forgetten, now is bringing back at the audience's request! *scoffing*)
Tue, 21 Oct 2003
At sdsu.. A completed meal include a caffinee-laced drink! I haven't brought a
dr pepper for a quite while so today... I brought a sandwich *packed fresh
daily, which shld be some assurance for our health's sake* and a bottled dr pepper
drink. I had two bottles of water this mornng so spare me the diet/healthwise
lectures :P
It felt so.. Filling. I always get an incompleted meal. I do eat my sandwich
but only on tues and thurs when I have time to stroll across the campus to get
healthy food *lathought I did find a nearby place in case I finsih my classes
early on m and wed tos wing by and grab some healthy grubs*. Oh the joy of

I finally figured out all shortcut to those cracks and nooks in the maze of
SDSU.. Now I can cut my rush time in half and save me some sweat bullets! It still
requires the same effort and energy to trek but in SHADES! Yessire! There r
shades at SDSU!
It has been one hot autumn... And still is. I wonder why... Is it some kind of
foreshadowing that there won't be heat furing the winter OR there won't be
winter ??? The heat wave contiunes in san diego.. Altho the wave is evry moody. It
did rian a while ago... And freezing... But now I am peeling off clothes... Not
down to my bare fresh skin *winks*

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