Friday, October 3

What is the point?

Marriage is supposed to be this whole joyous union between two loved people... but only for a short period, right? With the divorces (aka dissolution for the term being used in the courts) rating on rise, what is the point of marrying and wasting thousands on a stupid white wedding when you are going to pay even MORE on divorce suits and court fees? in 1999, there was 162,775 divorce cases and last year, the divorce cases were climbing to 171,054... the increase of rate is.. [mumbling some numbers and scratching on the paper] 95 % increase?! Uh, my math MAY be wrong but nevertheless, the point is- the divorces are on the rise. Sure, the marriage statistics are much higher than divorces but in a decade or two, THOSE marriage statistics will turn into divorces statistics. Everybody are either in process of divorcing, are divorced, or living separately... for the rest, they haven't realized it yet. You just should've saved yourself some moolah (and TIME... and don't forget YOUTH) and turn down that rhinestone engagement ring. Men, dont bother. women will give you hell during the marriage and even more HELL after the court date. Save yourself. FLEE FLEE... or turn into a flamboyant gay. :)

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