Saturday, November 8


it is november already? ...
a friend is turning legal on 12th... another on 29th but she is not a "friend" anymore... and another on 15th but she already turned legal two years ago... i think. I am losing track of her age plus i wont see her on her birthday [so "who gives a fuck"]. I am not worried about getting all of them a gift. They won't give me anything the day I turn legal so why bothers?
....thanksgiving weekend- will have some days off from the classes. Is possibly invited to a friend's little thanksgiving dinner. She wants to have her close friends spending the thanksivigin with her since she considers us as her family in San Diego (her family is couple hours away).
.....this is also the month of final projects/essay for the classes. [bracing herself for some sleep deprivation]. shit. i haven't decided what classes to take for spring. I have to go to see an advisor. I am too lazy to see a fucking advisor. Wish they have an advisor over the internet so I could do it from home.
I am hoping to have all of my spring classes in morning only so i can have the afternoons off. I guess you can say i am a "morning" person school-wise. I dont like to walk around in crowded halls during noon and afternoons under a sizzling sun. I also don't want to wait over an hour for my next class. I want my art classes in morning first, that is for sure. no art classes in between my other classes (trips and more trips to the cars to unload the art schit). at least I know where is what so i can keep an eye on how far apart the classes are and the time I have. I learned a lot about scheudling my classes, yeppers.

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