Saturday, November 1

Hmph. Happy Post-Oct.31 Day.

me: i just remembered something that you may find funny....
other: yah!
other: oh?
me: yesterday... at my college...
me: as i was getting ready to leave to return back home...
me: i discovered that I have left my car keys in my car.... which was locked.
other: thats not funny o_o
me: ;-)
me: luckily, one of my newly friend (knew him for only 2 weeks) was willing to come by and pick me up to take m ehomt o see if my bro was home in order to get my spare key...
me: but my bro wasn't home... and i have his cell phone... inside the house... >__<
me: *cell phone number
me:so i went over to a nearby friend's house to ring up a locksmith.... then that friend drove me back to my college to meet up the locksmith...
me: and the locksmith broke in my car for 50 bucks...
me:hilarious, isn't it?

and this happened on the halloween day. Yesterday was the day and night I would never forgot. Locked out of my own car in a parking lot at college and i know nobody at college so >_< maybe I should start getting friends at college... lmao. then i went to a wedding (and i dont know the bride/groom myself, lmao, another long story, oy) which was a pagan-themed along with the requirement to dress up in a costume (i went as a doctor/nurse... hospital employee, basically) which lasted until 9pm and i have to tell you- carpooling with two drunk people... is not a good idea. hmph. then other stuff i have been to and done around which I would rather to not tell to not risk myself couple of lectures from somebody. I hate it when I am feeling controlled. Oppressed. Let me go. Let my voice ringing out... dont oppress me. Dont lecture on me.... [in a singsong voice: Don't Preach Me, papa....]

well, hope everybody had a nicer halloween than mine but not funniest than mine ;)

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