Wednesday, November 26

what is wrong with you people?

I don't think I can get along with anybody at all.
If Steven is still reading this, then I am going to relocate. are you still spying on me, Steven? Get away from me.

Everybody is fun and nice, yeah but... they get on my nerves one way or another. Everybody is turning into one BIG turnoff. Some, i do get along better than others due to my ability to refrain myself. Others... just need to find their friendship somewhere else. the major turnoffs: lack of communication/vocabulary, think the lifestyle of being a partier is the best to go, doesn't think education is worth it, nagging personality, demanding people (as if I am their servant, follower... screw you), holier-than-thou people and people that have no cars/licenses of their own. Accept your responsibilities, dammit and get your ass hauling!

The origin of this rant is from a certain girl who is telling me to find information and prices for the springbreak (which is months away and I feel that this is stupid because I am not the expert planner and she is giving me a cold shoulder and I don't like that from a "friend" so i was like, "fuck it, you could have help, you know? You do have free time, motherfucker, so HELP ME OUT too! this is your fucking trip too!"). This is the first turnoff of mine for this girl. Hmph. I am doomed. I can't get along with girls nor guys. I think something inside of me that just cannot stand the female species. It definitley is NOT the jealousy [SCOFFING] i think the way they .....have their standards of expectations out of a girl-girl friendship and I dont have the similar standrads and this create a tension. I dont care about talking about boyfriends/ex and how to improve one's apperances ("Does this shirt look small on me?" me: "uh, if you like it and feel comfy in it then why are you asking for people's opinion?"). I think i am getting too old for the college friendships... yet I dont have enough stuff to bitch about to the older friends (hmph their most popular topics are about renting apt/houses, jobs struggling, money issues, etc...)

I can't find my clones. Ah-yoo???

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