Thursday, December 11

¿Jaina?, ¡No Más!

"Being deaf doesn't make me stupid, but it can make lots of people around me stupid." - Spoo

So true. [shaking her head]

Today is my 18th birthday; No more jailbait- jainá no más! It was a nice day. Nothing heavy or chaotic. I arrived home just few minutes before my birthday- 12:45am. Mom was awake to greet me with eighteen lottery tickets- those scratchy-and-win tickets... I won five bucks and two free lottery tickets. Went to bed. Woke up at 6:30am. Attended my morning class. Nothing major to do in the classes. Napping before my art class for two good hours. It was raining today but it never rained on me. (hmph, the rain goddess must known it is my birthday, haha). Went home. Hung out with my feline. Baked some cookies. Of course, people paged me to say "happy birthday" and so on. Got one from an unexpected old friend. Although none from my ex. Go figure. Tomorrow, which is Friday, (at least I got my sense of time back on track...) I only have one class- an hour worth of math. Then I am free all day. Hmph... Maybe I could go to Café Cremé in night and get a tattoo or piercing in a shop near the coffeehouse. :-D It will scare the hell out of my mother, haha. I can do it. Hmmph... but i wonder if I can stand the throbbing pain throughout the final week? Ah i only have two finals that are going to be graded. Math this saturday and Art History on Tuesday. Hmph.... why not? Math is only for ..... 40 minutes. hmph... which will it be? I am thinking about getting an ear piercing... Nothing facial yet... I used to begrudge to have a labret piercing but then I refrain because I have noticed that I have no good reason to get a facial piercing other than the shock factor. I don't care about the people's judgments so why would I strive to shock those people? I don't mind to have an ear piercing so I can decorate my ears, haha. I have many earrings and so few holes on my body! I am trying to decide which portion of ear I would like to be pierced.
Anyway, other than the whole "legalized" fervor in me, the school has finally came to its end this year... and I am so grateful because I am so ready to drop dead. I finally fell asleep in a class last Tuesday. Thanks goodness that I only just began to do it nearly to the end of semester instead of the first couple of weeks or I would be in a deep shithole.

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