Wednesday, December 31

Surf + Snow

Hmph, i think I am getting interesting into snowboarding lately. I am so excited about Mammoth Lakes. they recently got 18inches of new snow.... THAT IS OVER A FOOT! And that is only an addition to their already-existed 6-8 foot snow.... how radical is that?!
@ New Snow: 18" (46 cm) Base Depth: 89" - 115" (226 - 292 cm)" that is good news.

After the last entry, I went to Mountain High to learn how to snowboard.. and... achh [whining!] I got 8 giant brusies on my legs... PURPLE and ... some are gray... yeah. My friends who took me to Mtn High said it was a crappy time because all of those runs were icy after the recent rainfalls. Plus Mtn High is like an hr away from San Diego so they don't have any serious snowfall so the runs were bad groomed because it is all dirt and rocks beneath the fake snow.

We will drive to Bishop on Janurary 2nd and sleep one night before head up to Mammoth Lakes for some snowboarding. We will stay two nights before we head back to San Diego. The Mammoth Lakes Posse: Kristeena, Joey, Mike D. and I... so far. So, any riders need to head up to Mammoth, ring me up ;-) I offer Joey and Krissy to bring their dog, Bullet (it is a medium-sized dog- cute and friendly dog) but they are worrying about the hotels not allowing pets in the rooms. SO there. Everything is settled. :-D

I recently set a picture of Mammoth Mountain view as my wallpaper.. it looks so gorgeous- lookie!
I would bring my cat with me to Mammoth Mountain but I am sure Diamy is not too excited about sharing me with three other buddies and possibly a dog. [Diamy: HISSING!] Alright...

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