Saturday, January 24

Blogging 2 Via Pager

Tue, 20 Jan 2004 11:01:50
The kids in my art classes r weirder than last semester. Maybe it was because the professor is weird. It is contagious... I don't know. I just can tell that either they are weird or they think I am weird. You just can feel it in their stares. Then I would caught them staring at me and all they could do was smiling feebly.My mind started working away ot figure out if I have something on my face hanging off. I tried to remember if I did see anything on my face when I took a quick glance into my reflection. Body language says a lot and the hearing people demonstrates it clearly. Or maybe because my eyes are trained due to the heavy usage of body language in my culture.

Thu, 22 Jan 2004 10:58:03
God. I cannot live thru this horrible ordeal.
But fortunately a friend had reminded me- only 16 weeks! 4months times 4weeks... Okay maybe I can live thru it.. Eep. Hopefully. I won't fail, I won't burn out...
Ah, I hate my morning art class. Apparently I have no gift of 3-D. Everybody has a nifty design while mine is a scrape comparetively. Damn them all!
Ah. *chanting her mantra: "coming the fall, my real education will begin with graphic design classes, no mas basic art classes, fall... Only two seasons away. Keep it up... I will live"*

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