Tuesday, January 13

Blogging via my RIM pager

*typing on her pager to send a blog entry to her email*

Hm. I am in my third class of today. So far it has been a smooth sailing.
50minutes worth of each class today. And I know one of my classes will have a lot of
films showing *bedtime!* and two professors wouldn't take attendance *yeah!*
and one course wouldn't have a final exam *yessss!*... So far.

Third class just ended and ... I can see myself falling asleep in the classes
easily. I am now processing to my math class...that I have to retake because I
failed my little stupid course last semester, whee.

Maybe it all will get serious in couple of days but right now... Blah.

Aha. Had a mishap in my math class... The teacher send me out to find out the
right room for me... Was told to take a different professor and did so, then
ta-da I am in a class full of girls and ONE guy for a math course where everybody
has failed the last semester class's final. I am not alone in the dark.

*sitting in a studio-like art class*

i wonder if I am in the right class... It resembles an... Abandoned warehouse.
There r chairs... Old wooden chairs.. And grattifi on the walls that say: "Why must we
tell you this over and over", "stop being a bum, get your ass a job", "i wish you
were more like your cousion" and so on. Hm. There r only three other kids in
this morning class. One is dialing away on her cell, another has engrossed
himself in a newspaper article.
There is a man sitting in a small backroom, typing away on his blue mac.

Hm. Maybe I am in wrong class... *feeling lost*
[minutes flew by, students began to fill up the room, a professor entered]
Oh dear. The professor is gabbing away about the slides of
"interesting" buildings for hours... And the room is dimmed... Dammit, doesn't he
know that it is lethal to dim the room in the morning? Acvh, screw it, I am
napping *snore*

Ah I woke up just in time for my next art class. Hmm.. It is rather *warm*...
(fanning herself)

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