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@, Alana Post decided to slander the deaf culture as a "cult".

So I posted a message on her board regarding with that post:
"That is one harsh entry.
I have a question- are you deaf or know anybody close deaf?
From reading your entry where you mentioned that deaf didn't want any outsiders I would assume that you encountered several deafies who weren't friendly towards to you. But that shouldn't be the case that you should make your final judgment. EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT. It goes the same for the deaf population. Don't pass the same judgment because you met some bad apples to those deaf folks who are more open-minded.
I am Deaf myself but I am not considered "Deaf" by those in that.. "cult" as you called it because I didn't grow in residental deaf schools but I still take pride in my uniqueness.
YOu said you learned about deaf culture etc etc but HAVE YOU EVER MET AND GOT TO KNOW A DEAF PERSON PERSONALLY?
Don't get on the soapbox until you have walked a mile in their shoes.
There are more hidden truth in the deaf backgrounds. I could start preaching on you on the abuse and oppression BY HEARING PEOPLE But I know that it is NOT YOUR FAULT just because you are hearing. Why cannot you do the same for every other deaf person?
You are too judgemental.
If you think being a deaf is dysfunctional then I would say that a narrow-minded hearing person is worser than a deaf person. I am sorry that you were not be able to be a truly anthropologist with an authenic exposure of an unique culture of Deaf. I hope this doesn't cripple you from accepting and enrichening all different cultures in the world. I am so sorry for you. "

Her response was:
"Listen, I know you were just posting because you somehow stumbled across an entry that I probably wrote over a year ago and somehow felt compelled to let me know exactly what you think of me and how closeminded I am, and really I am (somewhat) thankful that you took the time to put down an articulate and well meaning response.

I made that entry provocative deliberately and obviously it's sparked quite a reaction. I could say that I'm sorry that you're deaf, and that I don't think that you are automatically a less educated or less capable person because of it, but
I got the feeling from your comment that you believe that being deaf is like being Chinese or gay or left-handed... just a particular trait, likely inherited, that nobody can help... and anyone who thinks "Wow, that's kind of shitty" is nothing but a bigot. (To be perfectly clear, I don't think that there is anything that is inherently shitty about being Chinese, gay,
or left-handed.)

The truth is that I am never expecting to get an email from a single deaf person saying 'yeah, I wish I could hear. It would be pretty awesome if I could experience something like that, and I would never want to deprive my
child of something just because I personally have no basis for evaluating its worth.'

I'm expecting that leaving comments open on all of my old entries is going to mean a steady trickle of comments from deaf people and college freshmen taking their first ASL course, all righteously indignant and holier-than-thou, guns loaded and fully prepared to devote a few minutes to trying to take me down a peg, or whatever compells people to post comments on weblogs that assume personal things about the author's ability to tolerate other "cultures". And about the whole "deaf with a capital D" and "culture this, culture that" thing-- since I still see no reason why being deaf isn't being disabled, and deaf culture is a culture based around a disability and therefore is only relevent to hearing people in the manner that the culture of poverty is relevant (and in a way, deaf culture IS a culture of poverty... a state of being defined by lack) to non-indigent people (that is to say, relevant only as a learning tool..."deaf pride" and "pauper pride" have been equally unsuccessful), and until the glorious day when it is proven that deaf people aren't missing out on anything, there will never be a sane reason for people to celebrate their malfunctioning body parts.


.... I posted both correspondence at another board and typed up my response which I wouldn't send to Alana because apparently she appears to be thick-minded so I am not attempting to pry her mind to be open-minded.
"hm. Should I make a respond and ask her who create the "disability" label in the first place? We may be called, as a people, disability but the irony lies in the fact that we don't have all ... "privileges" (not the right word... rights? no... hm maybe "rights" is a better term) of being disabled such as having a disabled parking permit, etc. We somehow are NOT disabled to the full degree because we are able to perform [almost... 99.8% of] everything despite the fact that we lack one vital sense of hearing. We are the minority that falls through the crack of proper labelling and rights. We are not hearing. We are not -really- disabled (for the most of the population) physically. We are only disabled when it comes to understand people vocally- but most of us are defying that disabled definition of us not being able to be vocal due to our trained eyes to catch every letters being mouthed out by others. So we are now -not exactly- disabled because we are able to voice out and fathom their voices. So what are we now? Should we dare to re-label ourselves as "semi-disabled" and let everybody settle down about whether we are actually disabled or presumed to be disabled fixtated by the majority of people who has an ethnocentrism preception upon us, the lost minority.
What does make a culture culture? What is the prerequistes for a certain group to pass by as "culture"? It is not enough that there are a certain population of people speaking the same "native" tongue ("hands" should be said in this case )?
There are just too many of you passing varying judgments that we either are not exceeding to their standards of definitions or underestimating our potential to be a successful "culture"... We cannot satisify all of your judgements so that is why there are most of us attributing ourselves to "deaf culture" because apparently the hearing "culture", if there is any, doesn't accept us and see us as outsiders, "freaks" to most of that group, so ... for years the hearing group have been tried to forecfully us to be submissive and absorb the majority culture but we cannot successful accept the majority because we know in our minds that we are NOT the majority. We are not bullshitting ourselves. We know we are different and we choose to unite and create our own group where nobody is forcing anybody to feign their own true identity. Alas, just like every other ethnic groups there are always subdivisions within in a group. We do have several subdivisions- Militant Deafs, deafs, HoH, CODA to name a few.


Yes deaf people do have their own culture. There is just too many evidences that one cannot deny that it doesn't have the traits to be qualified as a culture. If we are being denied... then all other minorities should have never passed as cultures.

Maybe I should major in anthrolopogy"

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