Monday, January 26

Minor accident involved vechiles

friend: *pokies* whatcha doing
self: telling my friend about me dealing with somebody who had a road rage against me because i accidenly read-ended into her car.
self: It happened last friday. [laughing]
friend: eee
friend: scary
self: She was yelling at me and calling me a fucking cunt and bitch and etc..
self: then I was trying to tell her that I am deaf and i cannot hear her
self: but she misunderstood me and got even MORE angrier and said she did HONK at me, "bitch!" and I was like, "noo I am DEAF" but she gave me the finger and got in her car and sped away.
friend: wow what a bitch
self: she was right behind me when I pulled out.. I thought she was just aprkiung but she pulled out too.. and I wasthinking to myself, "She COULD have pulled back in her parking spot to avoid me to hit her if I didn't see her"
self: so therefore, the joke is on her.
self: yeah, tell me about me. I was surprisely calm.. I didn't give her the finger and wahtnot. lol
self: but it is funny, right?

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