Monday, January 5

Oh, my bad

I have forgetten to type up an entry about my trip to Mammoth Lakes!

I just got home last night- around midnight to be exact, from four days vacation to Mammoth lakes. A car trip with four folks... plus me. Tad crowded, yes given the fact that there is a passenger that weights equally to two passengers... but it was a fun trip. I drove the whole way up to Bishop- about 7 hours (included the stops for the bathroom and stretching legs) in total. Bishop is an hr and 45mins away from Mammoth- (think San Diego to Oceanside). We stayed in a hotel- Motel 6. We sneaked Eric in- he is the fifth passenger that bum the ride at a last minute. He ended up sleeping on the floor although since he didn't pay for hotel- (who wants to pay to sleep on the frigging floor?). I slept with Mike D. Yessire, I am admitting to the world that I have slept with world-famous Mike Dunham! And no I didn't mean slept as in SEX, now keep your mind out of the frigging gutter! We slept like a brother and sister would in a single bed. Kristeena and Joey shared their bed- all snuggly while Mike and I awkwardly rolled around in our bed and bumped into eachother then ended up apoliozing for it throughout the night. Then Joey drove the remaining trip to Mammoth with snow cables on my tires because my inexperiencness with driving on ICE... it was one SLOW trip because one only can go 25mph- 30 at maximum on snow cables. But i saw a lot of shooting stars [nods nods] The stars were CLEAR and gorgeous! It is even more starry up there... well because they have no meteropolitan city that blocks the stars' reflections with their own city lights.... so it was cool. :-D I probably saw like 4 or 5 shooting star within one hour and 45 minutes. Not bad, eh?? It is like a wish-maker up there. "Ooo I SAW ONE! *wishing*..... ANOTHER! *wishing*.... AND ANOTHER! *wishing*."

We left Bishop at 4am- "an ungodly hour" (Kristeena) and arrived in Mammoth Lakes around 6:30... we decided to stop by McDiddy for a breakfast.. and it was astontishing sights in Mammoth lakes. There were WALLS of snow along the roads... we missed McDiddy at first but then we asked directions and found out we have passed it by. Last weekend when we went up there, they already have TEN TO TWELVE feet of snow... Kickass! So it was a great weekend. Throughout the day, we finally arrived at the resort for Mammoth Mtn.. we found out that they have postponed their opening to 8am- it was thought to be 7am so we ended up huddling in the car, warming ourselves up. Then I got my rentals and everything... and went up on the uhh... "express lifts". It was gorgeous! No snow-making! IT is all snow.. natural way as Mother Nature intended it to be (unlikely Mtn High). Then... I snowboarded. I finally... snowboarded.... for more than three minutes! NO FALLS! Whee! well I did fall but I got back up easily. There. Now I am "cool"... yeah, baby, I am cool- after all I snowboard. I am not a frigging poser! :-p lol.... but after couple of falls.... the snow was getting into my pants... (little pervented snow, damn them all!) and my legs were numb and I was exhausted. (High altitude... plus I have asthma and I didn't have my mediciation with me so I got muscle fatigue and headaches) and I ended up walking after snowboarding like a mile or something. Mike was waiting up for me and I told him to snowboard and I will meet him at the bottom. he said, "There is another mile to go.." and i was like, "ecch, forget it"... Have you ever tried to walk a mile in powder snow? It is hard. so I hopped on my snowboard... and sat on it... and let it sliding down... FAST. I ever beat Mike to the bottom, lol. But.. I hit somebody on the way down :-X So, a shoutout to an old guy on skis who got run over by a girl with a frog hat- I AM SORRY! Then I dragged myself to turn in my rentals and to my car to pass out. It was a good nap... *whew*

People may whine that I have wasted my money for only going down once but you have to understand my situation- i didn't sleep well for two nights prior to the Mammoth Lakes. and my asthma... and.. I am not worrying about money. I did enjoy it and I would like to go up there someday but not soon. ;-) Give me some time for strength and preparation :-D But at least I know what I need to do and how to do those next time I go snowboarding.

And... NEVER AGAIN I WILL TAKE MY CAR ANYWHERE FARAWAY! [kissing her car] Forgive me, car?

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