Saturday, February 21


Hm... I think hanging out with a veggie has caused me to turn into a semi-veggie. I began to wean myself away from the meats. I look at hamburgers with repugnance. As a matter of fact, last week when I took my niece to Jack-In-The-Box, I declined to eat the hamburger but my mom bought me one anyway and I couldn't finish the hamburger because it just tasted awful to me. Endless strips of Bacon, greasy meat, and excessive cheese..... ewwww. I only took five bites and put it away and told my mom, "That is why I declined it because I couldn't eat it. Yet I couldn't just say no to my mom's homemade finnish meatballs [drooling] well you cannot taste that much of meat.. it is packed with onions and herbs in it... yum yum. But when I think about the source of the meatballs, I feel sick to my stomach.
My love for animals totally wrecks my diet. I cannot enjoy my meals without thinking about the torture those animals were being put through just for our gluttony.
Dammit- yes I know I am a hypocrite when it comes to eat innocent animals while I am advocating for fair treatments and prevention of cruetly for the animals.
At least I do have some remorse and guilt for it. That ought say something.

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