Wednesday, March 31

[Running around with its head cut off]

Tomorrow at 10:50pm, I will fly out as a single occupant with no accomplices to aid my fugitive to New York City...

I have a zillion things to do and panic... I need to finish off my art project which dues tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning.. then I have to sit through the whole art class in the afternoon (I never sit through the whole period... WOW...) but at least I will work on my ideal vacation project for that class... then I will take a "pre-posted" midterm for my anthropology.. oh that reminds me- I need to study the notes tonight. The midterm would be at 3pm tomorrow... then at 4ish I will fight the traffic heading from my university to my home to pack up... 4 shirts, two long-sleeve, three sweaters, one sweatshirt, two pairs of shoes, 6 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of undies and bras.... yeah and don't forget my toothbrush. ... then... I will meet up a friend who will drive me to the airport at 9:30-ish...

What I have done to accomplish my preparations today: I got a haircut.

yeah, I am such a major procrastinator... I do know I have stuff to do but I haven't wigged myself out. I am just staring at my list of "things to do" and haven't checked ONE off... C'est la vie... I like to perform under pressures... yeah, that is a positive remark regarding with my slacking. I like to do everything at the last minute- it makes me feeling proactive and useful of my time rather than finishing it early and having nothing on my mind. ;-)

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